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RGBIC Fantasy Plus TV Backlight Kit

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    The RGBIC Fantasy is a lighting kit brings you a whole new experience in watching, sensing, and living.

    With RGBIC’s self developed interative lighting technology ColorSync™, this kit opens up the possiblity to turn your livingroom, bedroom, and other spaces into the right atmosphere for watching a great movie, playing your favorite games, or any creative entertaining purposes.

    By day, your livingroom is warm, bright, and welcoming. By night, its potential can expand more possibilities - becoming a home theatre that is unique to your own. With Fantasy, you can easily turn your livingroom into an high-end immersive enertaining home theatre. Enjoy this new way of watching.

    Drama is life without boringness, but gaming is life with immersing. We all love a world that we don’t live in, and if we do live that world, we gotta play it well, so, the vibe matters. Our Fantasy kit says it all - missioned to ultimately enhance your gaming experience with the interative lighting system. We’ll sync you in your game better.

    There is work, and there is life. In life, there is home. At home, there’s a spot that is comfortable, relaxing, and calm, and we all love it. It could be any space in your home, whether it’s in your bedroom, livingroom, basement, or attic. However, you can chill and snuggle in that cozy spot, and binge your favorite show. Fantasy will make your cozy space even cozier with the right mood setting.


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